Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this? What happened to
A: was full of rich, purple and off-purple history. Unfortunately, it was sold to another company to sell other purple things. is here to maintain the legacy of what used to represent: pure, plain purple.

Q: Where is the purple?
A: Here

Q: Can buy or lease purple?
A: No, but you're always welcome to visit

Q: I like purple! What can I do?
A: We don't have an affinity page yet, but share with your friends!

Q: This is really lilac / pink / other, not exactly purple. Could you make it more purple?
A: No. (What color it appears is also dependent on your monitor and its calibration.) Actually, used to be #DD00FF from circa 1994 until late 2006, resulting in numerous complaints that it was not quite purple. On 6-Nov-2006 they changed it to #7D26CD based on various recommendations. It's darker than the old old purple, but more clearly purple. Since that's where it left off, that's where it shall remain.

Q: Are there any games?
A: Are you not entertained?

Q: Is this site secure?
A: It is now! Unlike purple dot com, we now support HTTPS, thanks to letsencrypt. There's no automatic redirection, in case you want to live dangerously with unecnrypted purpleness, but you can see us in all our secure glory here

Q: How long has purple been here?
A: in its true form lived from 1994-2017. has been here since late 2017

Q: This is weird / useless / other.
A: That's not a question.